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Support of a Rigid...Comfort of a Lace-up.

The Swede-O Tarsal Lok combines the superior comfort of a lace-up brace with the greater support provided by a rigid brace. The patented design of the built-in stabilizer provides ankle support while allowing normal range of motion. The stabilizer will actually mold to the shape of the ankle simply from body heat for a more conforming, custom fit. The speed lacing system allows for quick and easy application. The outer brace material is Poly-Tex, an abrasion resistant and extremely durable fabric. The inner brace is ballistic nylon with internal laminated foam that provides both strength and comfort.

Because the majority of the Tarsal Lok's support is provided by the shape and placement of the built-in stabilizer, the Tarsal Lok does not need the excessive material around the forefoot and heel normally found in other lace-up ankle braces. This low profile design makes the Tarsal Lok an ideal brace for a variety of applications, including sports like soccer, basketball and football.

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U.S. Patent # 5,741,222

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The Tarsal Lok is an ideal brace for everyday use because it will fit comfortably inside almost any shoe style, not just athletic shoes. The Tarsal Lok may even be worn with orthotics.
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1) This was the first ankle brace I have ever purchased, so when I went looking for one on the internet all I saw awas a multitude of options. I needed a brace for my daughter who is an 8th grader playing basketball - she has a recurring ankle issue where she will roll her ankle and sprain it casuing much pain and grief. This brace has been nothing short of amazing for her. It is lightweight and comfortable. She only wears it on one ankle, yet when I ask her if she notices it compared to the other foot, she does not. She loves it, and it is doing the job for her so dad is happy - well worth the small investment.
2) After being in a walking cast for 3 months for tendonitis, I tried several lace up braces. A well known "speed brace" kept untying itself and was uncomfortable. This one stays tied, is quite comfortable, gives excellent support and is reasonably priced. Highly recommended!

3) Unlike many other alpinists, I do not use trekking shoes for approaches. I use light trail running shoes (La Sportiva Slingshot and Crosslite), combined with your brilliant Tarsal Loks. It gives more stability than a trekking shoe. I also use this combination for long runs (40km+) in harsh mountain environments back home in the Austrian Alps. I am currently working here in Canada on a landslide side, where I use the Tarsal Lok whenever carrying heavy loads.

The hardest test I put the Tarsal Loks through was the approach to remote Pik Leningrad University (6222m) in SW Tajikistan near Afghan border. I used the Tarsal Lok over many days of strenuous hiking, and my trail runners and Tarsal Loks carried me and my 30-40kg backpacks without problem through moraines and over boulders.

This year (August) two friends and climbing partners will try to ski Pik Soviet Alpinists (6366m) and Pik Revolution (6974m) in a remote corner of the Tajik Pamir. I will use the Tarsal Loks again for the approach. I also convinced one of my partners (former marathon runner) to get a pair of Tarsal Loks.

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