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Ankle & Foot Products
Ankle Lok® The Original “Swede-O”
The Ankle Lok has been proven effective in numerous independent clinical studies. It has been utilized by athletes and patients for over 30 years to help prevent ankle injuries.
Inner Lok 8® The brace that gives you inner strength
This brace simulates an Athletic Trainer's professional taping procedure. The only ankle brace with internal figure eight straps pre-configured through the inside of the brace. This allows you to easily apply the brace in the correct position every time and customize the level of support.
Strap Lok® Bulletproof your ankles
The Strap Lok features figure-eight straps that mimic a professional taping procedure. It is made of a ballistic type of nylon material that fits comfortably in your regular shoe. Heavy-duty top strap locks the figure-eight straps in position for a much more secure fit.
Multi-Sport Superior Swede-O quality
The Multi-Sport offers superior Swede-O quality at an economical price. Figure-eight straps simulate the effect of a professional taping procedure to help lock the ankle in a protected position. Ballistic nylon construction is thin and lightweight, yet very durable.
Tarsal Lok® The Best of Both Worlds
Combining the support of a rigid ankle brace with the comfort of a lace-up brace. Patented built-in stabilizer design actually molds to the shape of your ankle from body heat.
Swede-O Plantar F3 Plantar Foot Roller
Swede-O Plantar F3 Foot Roller

Relieves Heel & Foot Pain in 3 Ways!

Stretch: Simply roll under your foot to gently stretch and massage the affected area.

Cold Therapy: Freezer safe Roller provides cold therapy to relieve pain and reduce inflammation.

Heat Therapy: Roller may be used for heat therapy to increase elasticity of plantar fascia tissue and facilitate healing.

Thermoskin FXT Compression Socks
Active compression wear, assisting in the prevention and treatment of plantar fasciitis, heel pain, heel spurs and arch pain. Designed with targeted compression zones and silver microbial fibers, the Thermoskin FXT Compression Socks provide firm support and help relieve the heel pain associated with Plantar Fasciits.
Thermoskin Plantar FXT
Finally a comfortable way to treat Plantar Fasciitis
Plantar Fasciitis is painful enough; the treatment shouldn't cause additional irritation.  The Plantar FXT is the ideal alternative to cumbersome Night Splints.  The Plantar FXT is easy to apply, low profile and comfortable to wear.  
Thermoskin Plantar FXT ULTRA
The Thermoskin Plantar FXT ULTRA provides comfortable and effective nighttime treatment for Plantar Fasciitis. The Thermoskin Plantar FXT ULTRA holds your foot at approximately 90 degrees so the plantar fascia is in a stretched position where it may heal. Simply place your foot into the Thermoskin slipper, secure the soft-cell foam wedge near the ball of your foot, and secure the semi-elastic straps.
Thermoskin Heel-Rite
Daytime Plantar Fasciitis relief. The Support straps lift the arch and provide compression to the plantar fascia (Arch area) for immediate relief. The Heel-Rite applies effective support to relieve tension and pain on the plantar fascia when the sufferer needs it most.
Thermoskin Foot Stabilizer
The Foot Stabilizer may be configured to treat different injuries and condit ions such as: Achilles' Tendonitis, Mid Foot Conditions, Sprains, Stress Fractures, Subtalar and Talocrural joint instability. The Foot Stabilizer is a soft thermal foot orthosis designed to treat and prevent foot injuries.
Swede-O Arch Lok®
Superior support for both the foot and ankle
The Arch Lok is a hinged style brace with a modified orthotic footplate. The footplate provides critical foot and arch support to help rehabilitate a recently injured ankle.
Step-Smart® The Complete Solution for Drop Foot
The only complete solution for drop foot. The Step- Smart™ brace is not only designed for clearance during swing phase, it is also engineered to handle shock absorption at heel strike. The exclusive Jacob Joint™ pushes the foot into gentle dorsiflexion during swing phase.
Swede-O Deluxe Night Splint
Provides relief during the night from the pain and discomfort of Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis Designed to be worn during sleep or rest to help relieve pain from plantar fasciitis and Achilles' Tendonitis.
Swede-O Adjustable Night Splint
Designed to provide relief from the pain and discomfort of Plantar fasciitis and Achilles Tendonitis. Allows the paitent to apply consistent stretch to the plantar fascia by holding the foot in gentle dorsiflexion.
Swede-O Dorsal Night Splint
Effectively keeps the foot in a neutral position during sleep or rest. It is designed to alleviate the morning pain associated with Plantar Fasciitis or heel pain.
Walking Boots: Adult and Pediatric
Wider footbed provides a more comfortable fit and accommodates a wider variety of patients. Rocker bottom and low profile heel allow for an easier, more natural gait pattern. Deluxe foam liner is both comfortable and durable. Uprights are anatomically contoured for a better fit. Lightweight yet durable construction. Cushioned heel for greater energy absorption. Available in Adult Tall or Short versions and Pediatric version.
Pediatric Walking Boot
Pediatric sizes provide a more durable and comfortable alternative to casting. Rocker bottom and low profile heel allow for an easier, more natural gait pattern. Lightweight, yet durable, polypropylene shell uprights. Deluxe foam liner.
Swede-O X8 Strength, Support, Simplicity
The new Swede-O X8 ankle brace has many exclusive, innovative features for ease of use and maximum support. The X8 utilizes twin dual-purpose straps that serve as both the figure-eight straps and the top locking straps. The exclusive strap design is also pre-positioned half way through the figure-eight configuration for easier application and to ensure proper placement.
Swede-O Easy Lok As easy as 1, 2, 3 to use
The adjustable closure straps make this brace easy to use. Simply slip on the brace, secure the straps, and enjoy excellent ankle support. The brace is ideal for arthritic patients and those who have difficulty securing a traditional lace-up style.
Swede-O Trim Lok®
Economical support in a cooler lightweight brace
The Trim Lok is a good quality ankle brace for an economical price. The Trim Lok's low-bulk design fits comfortably in your regular athletic shoe.
Swede-O Versi-Splint
The Versi-Splint is a great ankle brace for immediately after an injury. It is designed to provide cold therapy and compression for a recently injured ankle. After the ankle heals, a lace-up or hinged style brace is recommended to help prevent further injury. IMPROVED: Larger gel area for a more all encompassing cold therapy option.
ActiveWrap® Ankle Wrap
Gel support therapy
Two soft-gel therapy packs included may be used for hot or cold therapy. Heavy-duty neoprene design allows for complete adjustment of the compression around the injury. The two fully movable soft-gel packs are ideal for pinpoint placement over the injury.
Thermoskin Sport Ankle Wrap
The Thermoskin Sport Ankle Wrap provides compression, support and warmth for the ankle and mid foot during periods of increased activity. Ambidextrous wrap design with VR System provides greater adjustability and comfort. Promotion of increased blood flow may facilitate enhanced recovery.
Thermoskin Thermal Foot Gauntlet®
Ideal for Diabetes, Arthritis & Raynaud's Disease
The Thermoskin Thermal Foot Gauntlet is designed to relieve the pain associated with diabetes, arthritis and Raynaud's Disease. The Thermal Foot Gauntlet has been clinically proven to increase both the surface and subcutaneous skin temperature 2 to 3° F for the optimal level of heat therapy. The exclusive patented Trioxon lining allows the skin to breathe and wicks away moisture to ensure long-term comfort.
Thermoskin AFG Stabilizer
All the benefits of the Thermal Foot Gauntlet, plus added support for weak or injured ankles
Ideal for Diabetes, Arthritis, Raynaud's Disease & other ailments. Thermoskin's heat therapy increases circulation to help relieve pain.  The AFG Stabilizer also helps relieve the sensation of "burning feet" from diabetic neuropathy. The AFG Stabilizer includes two removable side stabilizer inserts.  These anatomically shaped stabilizers may be used when extra support of the ankle is needed.  The combination of these semi-rigid stabilizers and the heavy-duty elastic strap provide good support for weak ankles.
Thermoskin Ankle Wrap
Thermal Support for Prevention, Treatment & Rehabilitation of the ankle
Thermoskin Thermal Supports increase the elasticity of muscles, tendons, and ligaments to reduce the risk of injury when under stress. Thermoskin also increases the blood flow to damaged tissue to speed up the healing process, while providing light compression to counteract tissue swelling. Designed to assist in the rehabilitation of sprains and ligament damage to the ankle.
Thermoskin Ankle Sleeve
Provides protection, support and thermal properties that aid in the rehabilitation of ankle and achilles tendon injuries.
Thermoskin Elastic Ankle Wrap
Elastic Ankle Wrap is a woven sock wrap support that will fit snugly around your ankle. An adjustable hook & loop strap allows you to apply additional compression either medially or laterally when needed.
Thermoskin Elastic Ankle
Elastic Ankle is anatomically designed and with no seams, the elastic support will comfortably contour to the shape of your ankle. It provides even compression and support for weak and injured ankles, while minimizing bunching.

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