Swede-O has been recognized as a worldwide leader in providing innovative products designed to prevent or rehabilitate ankle related injuries for over 30 years. We recently expanded our product offerings to include a patented line of orthopedic supports designed to prevent, treat and rehabilitate most any part of your body.

Swede-O ankle braces have been prescribed by Medical Professionals for over 30 years all over the world. Numerous independent clinical studies have proven the effectiveness of Swede-O ankle braces in preventing ankle injuries and that they are equal to or better than professionally applied tape for ankle support.

Swede-O remains the first choice for ankle protection by Orthopedic Surgeons, Family Practice Physicians, Certified Athletic Trainers and other healthcare professionals worldwide.

Swede-O Next Generation of Thermal Supports

Swede-O next generation of Thermal Supports are engineered with MVT2 (Micro Ventilated Thermal) Technology. MVT2 provides compression and warmth with a breathable membrane for effective pain relief and treatment of Sports Injuries, RSI, Arthritis and other conditions.

Swede-O Thermal Supports have a micro ventilated breathable membrane with moisture wicking technology that provides a free flow of air, allowing the skin to remain well ventilated and comfortable. The soft thermal lining captures and retains your natural body heat for effective pain relief and therapy. With unsurpassed quality the Swede-O Thermal Support family of products provides comfortable compression and warmth to help reduce swelling and associated pain to promote recovery. Swede-O’s Thermal Support line includes upper and lower extremity products in a wide range of sizes to fit most body types.

Swede-O was founded in 1981 by Marvin Nelson. The company was literally started out of a garage in North Branch, Minnesota, USA. We started with just one product, an ankle brace called the Swede-O Universal. This product was renamed the Ankle Lok® as we added new products.

We realize that everyone’s ankle and/or injury is not the same and that is why we have developed 12 different styles of ankle braces to suite almost any situation. We have also expanded beyond the ankle and now offer innovative products for most body parts.

The founder, Marvin Nelson, is 100% Swedish. Marvin grew up in a Swedish speaking household and he spoke very little English when he started elementary school in the United States.

He was then given the nickname of “Swede” by his classmates and the name stuck. When Marvin started the company he coined the name Swede-O. We are proud of Marvin (Swede) and the company retains his principles of satisfying the customer with high quality, innovative products and exceptional service.