The Next Generation of Thermal Supports

Swede-O:  A Trusted Brand for over 30 Years!

Swede-O is a name you’re familiar with and a brand you can trust. With over 30 years of manufacturing orthopedic supports Swede-O presents the Next Generation of Thermal Supports!  See below for the latest Swede-O Thermal Supports engineered with MVT2 (Micro Ventilated Thermal Technology):

 MVT2 provides compression and warmth with a breathable membrane for effective pain relief and treatment of Sports Injuries, RSI, Arthritis and other conditions.

Swede-O Thermal Supports have a micro ventilated breathable membrane with moisture wicking technology that provides a free flow of air, allowing the skin to remain well ventilated and comfortable.  The soft thermal lining captures and retains your natural body heat for effective pain relief and therapy.  With unsurpassed quality the Swede-O Thermal Support family of products provides comfortable compression and warmth to help reduce swelling and associated pain to promote recovery.  Swede-O’s Thermal Support line includes upper and lower extremity products in a wide range of sizes to fit most body types (some products up to 5XL).

7360KneePatellaTrackerfront7310KneeStabilizerSwede-O Arthritic Gloves7230PlantarDR7010_7011WristForearmSplint7510NeckWrap7030_7031Wrist HandCTBrace7350ROMHingedKneeBrace7600Lumbar7040CTBracewThumbSpica7340OpenKneeWrapStabilizer7210AnkleWrap7095_7096CTGloveSV7130HingedElbow7050UnivWristWrap7300KneePatella7051UnivWristWrapwPad7320KneeSleeve7110TennisElbowWPad7120ElbowWrap27200AnkleSleeve7100Elbow7020CTImmobilizer7140ROMHingedElbow7235TherapeuticFootRelief7330KneeWrap7400ThighHamstring7350SinglePivotHingedKneeBrace7220HeelRite7370AdjustableKneeStabilizer7410CalfShin7500UnivShoulderWrap7240AnkleFootStabilizer70650UniversalThumbSpica7615LSOLumbar

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